Welcome to Webmuse.co.uk. Here you can find musing of me, Tom Ellis about many web technologies such as Php, Html, XHtml, Dhtml, Css, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax and anything inbetween such as Plugins for jQuery or OOP in Php.


I am Tom Ellis, a Web Developer specialising mainly in Back end development using Php and Mysql using Ajax to add, update and delete from databases. In my current job I use Php, Mysql, Javascript, Htaccess and Css and am developing as a Front end developer as well as a Back end developer.

The Website

To develop this website I had to develop my skills in Css alot more before I could even make this Website as well as Photoshop and Illustrator. Now that it is finished I can write my musings about the web and share it with everyone. Certain aspects of web development I am amazed by and here you can find out about them. I love the way ajax works in the background

The Website is broken down into to sections:

Articles - The Articles page contains tutorials and tips.
News - The News page contains news about the web and other relating items.


If you have any comments or suggestions for articles email me at admin@webmuse.co.uk