Tomahawk PHP – A New Framework



Tomahawk PHP is a new PHP Framework I started about a year ago. Version 1.0 came out a couple of months ago and we’re now currently on version 1.1.0.

About time I wrote about it!

Why a new PHP Framework?

The most asked question when another PHP framework comes out.

I used Laravel 3 and 4 for a most of projects, but there was things it did I didn’t like, and things it didn’t do in the Core I think it should of. Development started to introduce breaking changed in minor updates, which wouldn’t be practical.

Why not use another framework?

Symfony was too complex for what I needed.

Fuel is quite right for my needs and 2.0 is still in development.

I liked how Phalcon worked but not how its installed.

Why should I use Tomahawk?


Tomahawk has built to be extended, everything is interfaced. You can write your own Service Provider to add your own version of the service.

Tomahawk uses Bundles (Similar to Symfony) to encapsulate code.

Everything has to be namespaced so as long as Tomahawk can load your classes it doesn’t matter what folders they are in.

No Breaking Changes

Tomahawk supports Semvar, meaning we won’t introduce breaking changes, only bugs fixes or new features.

Easy Setup

We use Composer to manage dependencies so from download to getting up and running takes a matter of minutes.


Currently there is no benchmarking for Tomahawk. The main focus was to get Tomahawk out there for people to use. As the main Kernel uses Symfonys Components I think the performance is nothing to worry about.

Tomahawk will be benchmarked sometime in the future to get a better understanding on its performance and what needs improving.

The Future

We have a Roadmap setup here which will be updated from time to time, detailing on upcoming and way in to the future changes.